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  4. Skills + proficiencies
  • Co-Founder & CDO
    Since to date Proyecto Ikaros, Donostia – San Sebastián

    I impulse the creation and consolidation of a community of people who develop free and open Information and Communications Technologies, targeted towards the creation of a technological and social innovation pole in Gipuzkoa.

  • Voice Over Actor
    Since to date REC Grabaketa Estudioa, Donostia – San Sebastián

    The voice in spanish for Capp, a character from TV series Chicago Fire.

  • Molecular image processing and analysis lab technician
    Since until Centro de Investigación Cooperativa en Biomateriales biomaGUNE, Donostia – San Sebastián

    MRI 4D dataset processing and analysis. I worked as a part of a scientific research group, actively in a research about tumors during the last months.

  • Graphic Designer and new technologies specialist
    Since until Gipuzkoako Kirol Egokituen Federazioa – Federación Guipuzcoana de Deporte Adaptado, Donostia – San Sebastián

    Corporate identity graphic design, social media marketing campaigns, new technologies consultant for people with some kind of handicap to enhance their autonomy and social skills.

  • Graphic Designer
    Since until, Düsseldorf, Alemania

    Corporate identity, social media marketing campaigns and interactive banners’ Graphic Design.

  • Chief Graphic, 3D and Web-app touch User Interface (UI) Designer
    Since until Azkartek Engineering, Donostia – San Sebastián

    Graphic and touch Web-app User Interface (UI) Design, 2D/3D illustration.

  • Multimedia and Web developer
    Since until The Movie, Donostia – San Sebastián

    Multimedia Website design and development using HTML, CSS and Flash.

  • 3D modeller
    Since until SouthVisions, Donostia – San Sebastián

    3D modeling and texturing for architectural photorealistic Computer Graphics (CG) projects.

  • Multimedia and graphic designer
    Since until Peninsula Medical School, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, Reino Unido

    Multimedia student materials creator: Illustration, 3D modelling and animation, Flash game development for Peninsula Medical School students.

  • Facilitators of innovation
    Since until Fundación Novia Salcedo

    Optimize resources and management of a company through innovation processes.

  • Reigning online marketing strategies
    Miramón Enpresa Digitala

    How to use Internet to sell products or services, build a brand and interest around it.

  • Introduction to online branding
    Miramón Enpresa Digitala

    Know the tools needed for creating and controlling as much as possible a brand or status in Internet.

  • Your own blogs an social network with WordPress
    Miramón Enpresa Digitala

    Learn how to use WordPress to create an entire social network or a blogs community.

  • Towards Web 3.0
    Miramón Enpresa Digitala

    Know how the Internet of the future is shaping.

  • Semantic Web and the future of Internet
    Miramón Enpresa Digitala

    Know what the semantic Web is and how to use microformats in our Webs and activities.

  • Good practices in mobile Web
    Miramón Enpresa Digitala

    Learn the best practices in mobile web design, standards, etc. with emphasis on mobile user interface (UI) design.

  • Good practices in usability
    Miramón Enpresa Digitala

    Learn how to enforce usability rules to make the difficult easy, increase sales and make users enjoy.

  • Business workshop

    Learn to create a business from scratch and manage it.

  • Master in new Multimedia and Internet technologies
    Since until Forland

    Learn to develop dynamic Websites with multimedia content from scratch.

  • 3D digital animation
    Since until Ceinpro

    3D modelling, texturing, illumination and animation. Video and audio editing.

  • Senior Technician in Design and Publishing
    Since until Ceinpro

    Learn to develop graphic design and determine the characteristics of products in printed and digital media for publishing projects ideas.

Skills + proficiencies